Son of John Bloomfield and Martha Riches,  I was born at Bungayfield, Suffolk County, England, 2 May, 1831.  I was baptized at Hammersfield by Elder Jobe Smith in 1850, thereby becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  About three months after baptism, I was ordained a Priest an

d labored in the Norwich Conference.

About two years later while accompanying some saints one evening we came upon a mob who were waiting for us.  They swore that they would take my life, and threw me down and tried to choke me with my tie, but there was a deliverer, when they almost had accomplished their desire one of their one party attacked those who were holding me down with a walking stick, and this called their attention away from me, and they all attacked my deliverer, leaving me in the street alone.

In the year 1854 an Elder (Horace Jackson) and myself gave notice that we would hold a meeting at the old gravel pit.  A short time before the meeting should have begun, a Sectarian minister gathered a large congregation and proceeded to the place of meeting.  He then chose as his subject these words, "Who's on the Lord's Side" and began speaking to the people, thinking in this way to prohibit us from holding a meeting. The meeting was well underway when we arrived therefore we waited until he had finished his discourse, then he walked off singing, and I took his place, choosing for my text, the same subject he had spoken upon and endeavored to show that those who were on the Lord's side were those who kept his commandments, also what those commandments were. The minister disappeared in the congregation, no sooner had he done so, rocks begun whizzing around us.  They fell at our feet and on every side of us, one brushed Brother Jackson's head, and yet we were not hit once. One man filled his hat with rocks and advancing to within a few steps of us and saying that he would hit me, threw them all at me.  The rocks fell all around my feet, but not one struck me.  The man crawled to my feet and picked up his hat and beat a retreat.  This ended the disturbance and I continued speaking to a congregation of about five hundred people.  Thanks to the minister for same for he gathered the people for us to speak to. This persecution if so it may be called served to strengthen my testimony, as it proved to me that the Lord will protect his servants if they will do his will.

I labored in the Norwich Conference until 4 May 1856, when with a company of thirty saints, I started across the Atlantic*, arriving in New York City on the 17th of June, after a voyage of almost six weeks.

I went to Chanceville**, Mammoth County, New Jersey.  While there, I was ordained an Elder by John Taylor in 1857. While residing at this place I was promised a coat of tar and feathers, like the one they gave Joe Smith, but I did not receive this coat.  On the 11th of November, 1857, at Chanceville, New Jersey, I married Miss Harriet Wilkinson.  On the 7th of October, 1858, a daughter was born.  She lived only one year and was called home on the 14 of October 1859, at Omaha, Nebraska.

John Bloomfield
        Jr. -olderIn April (1859) the Saints in this district were advised to go as far west as they could, which we did, arriving at Omaha*** 29 April of the same year.  Here I remained for one year, when we began the long journey across the plains, reaching Salt Lake City safely.

I made my home at Hyde Park, Cache County, Utah and in January, 1868 my wife died, leaving me with three small children.  I later married Mrs. Elizabeth (Barton) Ashcroft, who was a widow with three small boys, and in 1875 I was called to Arizona to help colonize that country.  I located at Obed, on the Little Colorado River.  This place proved to be an unhealthy location and I moved to Lot Smith's camp at Sunset.  Here on January 27, 1878, I was ordained a High Priest by Erastus Snow.

In May 1882, I was called to Navajo, now Ramah, New Mexico, here I remained only three years when the call to move came again.  This time to Old Mexico.  Here I remained for nine years and with Apostle George Teasdale, Alex F. McDonald and others, assisted in the colonization of that country until January 1894, when I returned to my old home at Ramah, New Mexico, where I hope to remain what time I shall yet live on this earth in peace.      

~~ John Bloomfield ~~

John Bloomfield died in Ramah, New Mexico in early January 1916

Notes by CBA:
*John sailed aboard the ship "Thornton" from Liverpool to New York City.
Chanceville, New Jersey was a way station for British converts during their migration to Utah in the 1850s and 1860s. Many spent a few years there waiting until they had the means to travel on to Utah. They would take the train as far as it was available then travel the rest of the way by wagon or handcart. After the tracks were joined across the continent in 1869 emigrants could travel all the way to Utah by train.
John and Harriet's daughter, Ellen Marie and Harriet's father, Nathaniel Wilkinson both passed away while in Omaha in 1859. John and Harriet Bloomfield walked all the way from Omaha to Utah. They were members of the Oscar Stoddard handcart company, the tenth and final company of handcarts.