Bloomfield family histories and pictures

John Bloomfield Sr.--John Bloomfield Jr.--Mary Eliza Bloomfield James--Nellie Mariah James Nelson--my Mother-in-law--my husband

The Bloomfield line of our family are from Suffolk area of England. suffolk, england map location
John Bloomfield Sr. was born 8 October 1800 in Bungay, Suffolk, England to Richard and Elizabeth Smith Bloomfield. John married Martha Riches, born 6 July 1799 in South Elmham, Suffolk, England to Henry and Elizabeth Hanner Riches. John Bloomfield a
nd Martha Riches were married 28 October 1822 in the Holy Trinity church in BunJohn Bloomfield Jrgay, Suffolk, England.
Martha and John Bloomfield had six children. John Bloomfield Jr. was the youngest. John Bloomfield was raised in England. He joined the LDS Church in 1850 and served a mission in Norwich before emigrating to America. John stopped at Chanceville, New Jersey for a few years before journeying on to Utah. The Chanceville, New Jersey area served as a way station for the British Mormons so they could get funds together to journey on to Utah. John Bloomfield married Harriet Wilkinson while in New Jersey. She and her parents  (Nathaniel and Lydia Daines Wilkinson also of Suffolk, England) had also emigrated from England to journey to Utah. Harriet and John Bloomfield Jr. had a daughter, Ellen Maria while in Chanceville. They journeyed to Omaha, Nebraska to get ready for their westward journey across the plains. Their one-year-old daughter, Ellen Maria and Harriet's father Nathaniel Wilkinson both passed away while in Omaha. The bereaved families traveled to Utah with the tenth and last handcart company. The Bloomfield and Wilkinson families settled in Hyde Park, Utah just north of the town of Logan. John's parents, John Sr. and Martha Bloomfield came from England later and also settled in Hyde Park.
John and Harriet Wilkinson
              BloomfieldHarriet had three children (Elizabeth Salome -1861, Mary Eliza -1863, John Parley Wm -1866) while in Hyde Park. The Bloomfields learned pioneering skills working hard to establish the town. Harriet died in 1868 leaving three young children. John married again to a young widow with three young sons of her own, Elizabeth Ann Barton Ashcroft. John and Elizabeth had seven children together plus those from their earlier families. 
John Bloomfield Jr. was called to colonize in Arizona in 1875. In 1878 he was called to New Mexico and three years later was sent to the Mexican colonies. They spent nine years there before returning to Ramah, New Mexico in 1894 where he resided until his death in 1916.  John Bloomfield helped to pioneer many places in Utah, Arizona, Mexico and New Mexico. He moved 17 times in 18 years. 
John and Harriet Bloomfield's daughter, Mary Eliza married Joseph Henry James in. The James family also lived in Arizona, Mexico and New Mexico. Joseph H. James died in an accident at his sawmill in Mexico. Mary Eliza moved to Ramah with her family living their until her death in 1957 at age 94. Joseph Henry and Mary Eliza James' daughter Nellie Mariah James was born 9 May 1891 in Colonia Diaz, Mexico and died on Valentines Day, February 14, 1983 in St. George, Utah. She married James Mark Nelson and they were the parents of twelve children including my mother-in-law.



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